William Sam Magee  Biography

Sgt. William Sam Magee, SS, BSM  Member of the First Special Service Force

  • Born July 19, 1923
  • Enlist Sept 194117 yrs old
  • Joined the Ontario Regiment in Oshawa
  • Training, North Bay, Trois Rivere, Quebec
  • Toronto Scottish Machine Gun Unit, underaged,  transfered to Special Forces in 1942, training in Montana,  transferred to Paratroopers  training in Quebec.
  • Virginia, Montana, California and others location
  • Participated with
  • Aug 15, 1943,  Kiska invasion at the Aleutian islands under of Gen Corlett,  known as   Corlett’s Dagger’s
  • Oct 1944    5th army, West side of Italy, Gen Mark Clarke,US General, Cassino Front
  • Enzo Beachhead, south of Rome
  • Decorated Bronze and Silver Star-US government award- Gallantry metal
  • Decorated  with Service Metals in Canada
  • Ontario metal of Good Citizenship-Highest Volunteerism award
  • June 2008, Creation by the National Defense, Canadian Special Operations  Regiment created the The Sgt. William Sam Magee Award which is presented to a NCM of the Regiment who exemplifies the spirit of a special operations supporter

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